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Hi Everyone
Well I still don’t have my bike back so I have not been on any rides but I have heard reports and it seems everyone is enjoying themselves.
At the moment I am surviving without Lyn as she trips around America with her sister pretending to lead the life of the rich and famous. She is having a great time.
Don’t forget about the Bunnings BBQ which is on October 5th, I hope we have a good roll up of helpers, many hands make light work. The proceeds of this will be going to the RFDS, which we will be taking with us to Alice Springs for presentation to them.
In the meantime, keep the rubber on the road and ride to enjoy.
Max Cherrie

Birthday wishes for August – Mark Cook, Garry Huggins, Lucy Drew, Valmai Pascoe, Jim Sheedy, Wayne Smith, Kerry Solman, Annette Solman.
We wish you all a very Happy Birthday and if I have missed someone’s birthday please don’t be shy let us know. You know how we love to celebrate.

Have you changed your email address or postal address? If so, could you please let our Branch Secretary know so you can continue to receive emails or the newsletter.
4th August 2013. –8 bikes and 10 people left Singleton for a ride to Port Stephens, being Bill, Solly, Gasket, Gary, Jim, and our new members Janelle & Steve and Donna & Darren plus me of course.
We rode to Dungog for smoko, it was pretty windy over the mountains but then again it is August after all. Our usual Bakery stop had a sign on the door that they are “now closed” on Sundays, so the Cafe across the road had a line up for coffee.
After Dungog we headed through Stroud and then down the highway to Port Stephens. Rode to Shoal Bay, found a take-away cafe, and enjoyed lunch right next to the water.
Ulysses Club Upper Hunter Branch Newsletter
Ulysses Club Upper Hunter Branch Newsletter

Solly celebrated his 61st birthday today, which created a lunchtime conversation about retirement, hot topic of conversation at our age, beats talking about our piles I guess.
Solly lead us home through the back of Morpeth and via Lambs Valley. Sunny but windy a day, still beats a day at home doing a list of jobs.
Upon arriving home, I had a call from Barbara & John Williams, they had left Tuncurry this morning intending to meet us all for lunch, Barbara had bike problems, so they actually spent the day transporting Barbara's bike to the bike shop in Aberdeen for repairs instead.

Overnight ride to Nambucca Heads.
Friday 16th August. - John and I left Tuncurry on John’s bike and rode to Aberdeen to pick up my bike from Brad, our motorcycle mechanic. The V Strom is not made for someone like me my, legs were too close to the front pegs, but a few hours later the knees started working again.
Saturday 17 August. - After a very enjoyable dinner with Donna and Jill and a night’s sleep at Donna’s, John and I rode to Maccas at Muswellbrook to meet Tiger, Steve and Janelle, Darren and Donna, Kerry and Dave (in the car), Donna and Barb for the overnight ride to Nambucca. Ed rode up with Barb as far as Tamworth for morning smoko (whoops Aussie slang) well, never mind.
It was a lovely morning when we started out but by the time we arrived in Tamworth the riders were all wet. Kerry and Dave were very dry, but very much wanting to ride. Darren and Donna went up to the bike shop and bought some wet weather gear so they were then a lot more comfortable.

My bike started missing so I rode it to Mick and Alannah’s, left it there and finished the second ride in a row to meet the group that my bike has broken down. After morning smoko, it was then off to Ebor for lunch in the pouring rain, it persistently poured however, it was very dry in the car.
It was then a very careful ride from Ebor to Nambucca as the road was very slippery and the white lines can be a little dangerous. At Nambucca after booking in, hot showers were running fast, clothes were spread over drying racks, chairs and anything that will hold wet gear. Then it was time we went down to the club for dinner.

Sunday 18 August. – Back on the road today at 8am and stopping at Clybucca for breakfast, and down the Pacific Highway with the next bum stop at Taree. Lunch was at Heatherbrae or Raymond Terrace depending as to what we understood from the conversation. John pulled off at Failford Road for home. Kerry, Dave and I continued on to Muswellbrook and caught up with Donna at the Caltex in Singleton. Another great weekend had by all.
Monday 19 August. - John collected me from Donna’s and we headed to Tamworth to pick up my bike and take it back to Brads.
11th August 2013
A couple of phone calls went out to check on available riders for the Cannon Bear ride (I apologise my phone list will grow). A total of 1 bike turned up at Singleton McDonalds at 8.50am all ready for the day ride. It was a spur of the moment decision as looking for a breakfast/lunch option to head down the Putty and pull up at the Grey Gum Café. The road was in great shape, a few chilly spots within the shadows but heeding caution to the speedsters. Rounding one tight 45kmph left hand corner a poor wombat had succumbed to a tragic end but was positioned approximately a metre from the edge right in the middle of the corner, so for those who were dragging knees into these corners would have been tucking

and puckering to negotiate the poor fellow. Passing the half-way house we noticed all the signs out for food etc. but we continued on. Arriving at about 10:20am a Porsche car club had taken up a lot of the area, but motorcycles were dominate with the Harley Owners Group (HOG) on a day ride, along with all makes and models of bikes, from the young and fearless to the aged and cautious. Walking to the Café and the short line up about 10 deep at the time I heard someone say it would be a good 10–15 minute wait for a coffee, this was not a concern as Janelle found a comfortable seat on the veranda while an order of 2 big breakfasts and hazelnut lattes went in. Enjoying the view from our position and watching the bikes enter and leave was amazing, some conversations were overheard especially about the wombat in the middle of the corner the facial expressions with eyes wide open were enough to say they had a close encounter. The meals and coffee arrived in 15 minutes and they were huge. The car club left then the HOGs followed but still a stream of bikes were coming into this popular place. With brunch finished it was time to make our way back to Singleton.
Stephen Penfold.

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